Pia Lee

CEO, LIW Global Leadership Consultancy

Pia Lee is the CEO of LIW, a global leadership consultancy based in Sydney. She leads LIW to expand its global reach through a pioneering range of leadership consulting, leadership development and coaching services. She is an advocate for creating measurable and sustainable business impact for our broad range of global clients in both the private and public sectors. 

Pia’s experience and expertise spans over thirty years of educating others. She began her career teaching children, before following them to maturity and focusing on adult education and development. 

Pia has more than 15 years’ experience of coaching and consulting to CEOs and executives in industries such as finance, asset management, healthcare, technology, and professional services. She thrives when working at top-team level, cutting through challenges to leverage the leadership capability at individual, team and organisational level. Her straight-forward style is laced with good humour making the journey one to enjoy as well as highly impactful.

Pia completed her Masters of Organisational Coaching at the University of Sydney. She is the joint author of ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Leading’ and is qualified in a number of psychometric tools and assessments. A passionate thought-leader, she regularly speaks to large audiences on leadership with a narrative, storytelling style.

Pia lives in Sydney with her partner and young family, enjoys the beach life, global travel and capturing life on camera.