David Gillespie

Lawyer and best-selling author of Sweet Poison and Taming Toxic People

David Gillespie is a lawyer and the author of Sweet Poison, a bestselling book published in 2008 about how we are all poisoning ourselves with sugar.  That book is generally credited with starting the current wave of sugar awareness in Australia.

He followed Sweet Poison up with 4 more books about nutrition and diet.  Having upset the dietetics industry by writing about stuff in which he has no qualifications, he then turned his focus to something else he is unqualified to write about, education, in his 2014 work, Free Schools

Detouring briefly back to nutrition in his 7th and 8th books (Eat Real food, 2015 and the Eat Real Food Cookbook 2016), his latest target is Psychology with his much-anticipated book on surviving contact with psychopaths in the workplace and at home, Taming Toxic People.